The World Royal Heritage Festival 2013

14 October 2013

The World Royal Heritage Festival 2013

Aiming to promote and to preserve artistic heritage and royal palace's culture, Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office will held The World Royal Heritage Festival 2013 on December 5-8, 2013 at National Monument (Monas), Central Jakarta. This event is also to build friendship among kingdoms from all over the world.

Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, will be coming to Jakarta to attend The World Royal Heritage Festival 2013. Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) admitted that he verbally asked the British royal to come to the World Royal Heritage Festival. Not only that, he also planned to invite all monarchies around the world. “I was telling him (Prince Andrew) about the upcoming festival. We want to invite royal families to come to the World Royal Heritage Festival on December 5-8. Later, the invitation will be like old days letter, the one that is rolled,” stated Jokowi, Thursday (9/19).


Jokowi really hopes the British royal family would participate in the festival. He even asked special request for them to bring along British royal guards.“They (British royal) will send representatives. I don’t know yet who the representatives would be, but they will send representatives. We also requested for Buckingham Palace’s guards (to participate in the festival),” he uttered.

According to Jokowi, the World Royal Heritage Festival will show  world about Indonesia’s royal and cultural richness, as well as to promote the city of Jakarta to the world. As many as 130 palaces (Keraton) in Indonesia will take part in this festival.

The event itself will be filled with numerous activities from each delegation's participants, such as seminars, workshops, exhibition of sacred heirloom artifacts, culinary festival, traditional dances and royal dress show.


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