The Istiqlal Mosque

dian 19 June 2020

The Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque is the National Mosque of the Republic of Indonesia which is a source of pride and is also the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.
The architech of the Istiqlal Mosque Friedrich Silaban is a Protestant Christian. He is believed to be a mosque architech because he had previously won a mosque design competition with the idea of ​​a theme of "Godhead" organized by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ir. Soekarno.

In harmony with the Indonesian motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" which means "Different But Still One," the Istiqlal Mosque is a symbol of interfaith tolerance because of its location opposite the Cathedral Church.

Friedrich Silaban in the process of designing the Istiqlal Mosque, he included symbols relating to Islam and the spirit of independence. The dome of the mosque has a diameter of about 45 meters which symbolizes the year of Indonesian independence and there are also carved “Ayat-ayat Kursi" (In Indonesian Language) or The Verse of The Throne in English that encircle the dome. In addition, this mosque is also supported by 12 pillars which symbolize the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad who fell on 12 Rabiul Awal. In 1961, the first pillar was erected by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ir. Soekarno.

Istiqlal Mosque located in Taman Wiyaja Kusuma Street, Central Jakarta, which has an area of ​​9.5 hectares. The name "Istiqlal" is taken from Arabic which means independence. This mosque was built as a manifestation of the gratitude of the Indonesian people who are the majority of Muslims for the blessing of Allah SWT who has freed Indonesia from the grip of the invaders.

The Istiqlal Mosque


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Transportation to Istiqlal Mosque 
- Public Transportation: TransJakarta
(Estimated rates: 05.00-07.00 2,000 IDR and 07.00-24.00 3500 IDR)
Take TransJakarta from Pulo Gadung Bus Stop to Harmoni Bus Stop (Corridor 2). Make sure you get off right at Istiqlal Bus Stop. The journey takes approximately 1 hour.
Operating hours: Every day, operates 24 hours.

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