Explore The Timeless Flavors of Jakarta

Aulia Rahma 14 October 2021

Explore The Timeless Flavors of Jakarta

Jakarta does change to be a better home for its people. However, there is one thing that surely won’t change with time. That is the taste of authentic cuisine.

When it comes to the traditional cuisine of Jakarta, it leads to Betawi Cuisine. The word “Betawi” itself refers to people who lived in Jakarta during the colonial age. Aside from the native Betawi, Jakarta is also a home for Javanese, Sundanese, Malay, Bugis, and other foreign immigrants. The diversity is captured in many aspects, one of which is the food. Here are the seven most renowned Betawi Cuisine, along with some of its locations that are worth visiting!



1. Kerak Telor
Kerak Telor (Egg Crust) is one of the favorites dishes of Betawi Cuisine. It is an omelet made from glutinous rice cooked with preferably chicken or duck egg. The omelet is topped with fried shallots, dried shrimp, and serundeng (sautéed grated coconut mixed with spices) to give a more distinctive savory flavor. This dish is considered more like a snack rather than a main dish.

- Kawasan Monumen Nasional

Address: Gambir, Central Jakarta
- Perkampungan Budaya Betawi Setu Babakan
Address: Jagakarsa, South Jakarta 

2. Asinan Betawi
Looking for a tangy flavor to boost your mood? Asinan Betawi might be the right answer. It is the perfect combination of salty, sour, and freshness of a dish. “Asinan” itself means a pickled (through brined or vinegared) vegetable or fruit dish. Asinan Betawi is a salad, made from a mix of pickled and raw vegetables, yellow noodles, tofu, and served with sweet, sour, and spicy peanut sauce, topped with a handful of fried peanuts and crackers (especially krupuk mie).

 - Asinan Betawi Haji Mansyur/Asinan Kamboja
Address: Jl. Taman Kamboja No. 10, RT 08 RW 11, Rawamangun, East Jakarta 
- Asinan Special Ny. Isye
Address: Jl. Kamboja III No. 12 RT 05/11, Rawamangun, East Jakarta; Jl. Pulo Asem Timur Raya No.43, East Jakarta

3. Gado-Gado
If you are a fan of salad, you definitely should try Gado-Gado. Gado-Gado consists of various mixtures of cooked vegetables and is served with a delicious and creamy peanut sauce dressing. It is usually accompanied by boiled egg, fried tofu, and fried tempeh. For the texture, raw lettuce, prawn crackers, and emping crackers are also added.

Gado – Gado Cemara
Address: Jl. Tanah Abang 5 No. 36, Gambir, Central Jakarta, 10160
Gado-Gado Bon Bin
Address: Jl. Cikini IV No. 5, Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta 

4. Soto Betawi
Soto is very popular in Indonesia. It is a traditional soup mainly composed of broth, meat, and vegetables. Soto Betawi is one of the popular types of Soto. It is a hearty beef soup consisting of chunks of meat and offal that are slowly simmered in a coconut milk broth, which is usually enriched with various spices such as lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, kefir lime leaves, and coriander. Garnish with fresh tomato and fried potato cubes, then top with sliced scallions, shallot flakes, and emping crackers.
Soto Betawi has a slightly creamy taste, which makes it perfect to eat on a rainy day. Traditionally, it is eaten with steamed white rice and a side of acar.

Soto Betawi H. Ma'ruf
Address: Jl. RP. Soeroso No. 36A (Gondangdia Lama), Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta
Soto Cawang
Address: Jl. Mayor Jendral Sutoyo No. 3, Cawang, East Jakarta 

5. Betawi Laksa
People in Southeast Asia countries like Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia must be familiar with Laksa. It is a spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup. Every place has its version of Laksa. Betawi Laksa, for instance, has a yellowish soup made from coconut milk, spices, and ground dried shrimp for the unique taste. The soup then ladled over blanched rice vermicelli, basils, chives, beansprout, Ketupat (packed rice in a diamond-shaped of woven palm leaf pouch), and Perkedel (mashed potato fritter). In terms of topping, Betawi Laksa has boiled egg.
Laksa Betawi Assirot
Address: Jl. Assirot No.1, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta
Kafe Betawi
Address: Pacific Place Lt. 4, Jl. Jen. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, 12190

6. Nasi Uduk Betawi
When talking about comfort food, Nasi Uduk (Coconut Rice) will be top of mind with Jakartans. This Betawi’s signature dish can be eaten throughout the day. It consists of fragrant rice and is accompanied by various side dishes.
The rice cooks in coconut milk and spices which make it has those distinctive fragrances and flavor. Then it serves with many side dishes, such as orek tempe (stir-fried tempeh), semur (dogfruit, tofu, or tempeh stew), fried chicken, fried catfish, crackers, or any vegetable fritters. It also plates up with spicy condiments like peanut-based sambal or chili-fried sambal to give it that extra zing.
-  Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang Zainal Fanani
Address: Jl. Kebon Kacang Raya No. 8, Kebon Kacang, Central Jakarta, 10240
-  Nasi Uduk Gondangdia
Address: Jl. Cikini IV No. 12, Cikini, Central Jakarta, 10330

7. Gabus Pucung
“Gabus” means snakehead fish, “pucung” itself means Keluak fruit, it is a black nut from a tree that is indigenous to Indonesia. The Gabus Pucung is a fish stew that uses Keluak fruit as the main ingredient for the broth. The Keluak fruit gives the fish stew a distinctive color and flavor. Overall, it is a unique dish that has a refreshing yet savory and sour taste at the same time.
Rumah Makan Khas Betawi Haji Nasun
Address: Jl. Moch. Kahfi II No.21 A, RT.11/RW.8, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta 12640
Dodol Nyak Mai
Address: Jl. Moch Kahfi II, RT.12/RW.8, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta 12630


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